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Exterior Staining

In order to properly stain the exterior of a cedar or redwood sided house Mountain Home Painting uses a process that we have perfected over many years.

  1. Washing – This is the most important step of the process.  Since we are applying a transparent stain it is important to remove unsightly dark tannin stains, mold and oxidation of the old stain.  Applying directly over these darker stains accentuates them so they need to be removed. First a strong detergent is applied to the siding which is then pressure washed off usually with hot water.  This breaks down the old oxidized stain thus allowing it to wash off. This is immediately followed by an application of oxalic acid or wood brightener. This step neutralizes the first step and bleaches the wood. It also makes the whole process biodegradable.   At this point your siding or redwood decking is clean and restored.
  2. Masking – All windows, doors, lights and rock features are masked off.  Windows and doors are taped and covered with a light film.  This blocks any over spray or stain from getting on the frames or glass.  We use a special tape that comes off easily and does not leave any unwanted tape residue. The lights are bagged and the rock features are stapled off with a thin 2mm plastic.
  3. Staining – At this point the siding has been washed and is completely dry ready for stain. We apply the stain with an airless sprayer starting at the top and working our way down.  We apply just the right amount of stain for full and even penetration.  The siding is back brushed with heavy brushes that works the stain into the wood. After the stain has dried it is inspected to see if more is needed.  Mountain Home painting will apply extra coats at no extra charge if needed.
  4. Clean Up and Window Washing – All the window and door coverings are removed. If any stain has leaked through the tape it is wiped clean with denatured alcohol.

* Also offering deck sanding and log railing restoration