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Exterior Painting

1. All siding and decking is washed with a high pressure washer to remove dirt and loose paint.


2.  After things dry out loose and failing paint is scraped off and wire brushed.

3.  Applying a high grade primer to bare exposed wood is a necessary to insure the your new product has a clean durable surface to adhere to.

ZIN_PR_BE123 Hybrid Gal 1210_T

4. Choosing the correct product and color is the most important part of the painting process.  Mountain Home Painting will help guide you so that your home will match color schemes in your Tahoe Donner or Truckee neighborhood. Let us submit color selections to your homeowner associations for approval.  The last 5 years has brought in some excellent self priming product that practically never peals. Any colors can be matched to whatever product suites your needs.

Superdeck SolidSUN-PROOF_Deck_Fence_Siding_Solid_Color_Latex_Stain

5. Two coats of paint or solid stain is applied and back rolled into the wood to ensure full coverage.

6. When it comes to trim work we have a steady hand using high quality Purdy brushes.