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Interior Painting

  1. Let Mountain Home Painting help guide you through the color selection.  We can offer swatches as needed and help you choose which product will work best in your situation.   We offer products made by Benjamin Moore, Kelley Moore, Sherwin Williams and Ralph Lauren.  Choose from extremely durable self priming products to environmentally gentle low VOC paints
  2. Over the last 15 years we have perfected the art of matching existing drywall textures.  We can patch and repair any type of drywall issues that need to be done prior to painting. All patches are sealed with a high-grade primer.
  3. We cover and mask all exposed surfaces as needed.  Keeping paint off the carpets is a priority.
  4. Cutting in straight lines is our specialty.  Experience is the only way to get good at this and we have plenty.
  5. Two coats are the key to great coverage.  Let us keep a wet edge to hide all those roller marks.

* Also offering floor sanding, clear coating, caulking for bath tubs and sinks, and trim restoration.